An industry is termed as a ‘Green Building’ if it reduces generate pollution and use of conventional sources of energy during its construction or operation. A Green building not only benefits the environment but also benefits itself. The dual benefits can be provided by the following Green Building Solutions.


The Benefits of Green Home to An Entrepreneur 


  • Reduced Energy Cost and Increased Efficiency 

Often Green buildings employ alternate sources of energy like - solar and or wind to reduce their impact on the environment. Although these alternate sources of energy do require hefty initial investments to set up, they are considerably cheaper to operate and much more efficient in the long run. 


  • Using Insulated Panels to Conserve Heat

Insulated panels are beneficial in conserving heat in colder climates, this saves the cost incurred in providing extra heat to the facility. As a result of this  Green Building Solutions, the HVAC system of the facility faces reduced loads, becoming more efficient and thus requires less maintenance. Most of these panels, like Vatson Rockwool Green Panels, are also 99% biodegradable, thus making them beneficial to the environment.


  • The subsidy provided by Government to Green buildings 

The Government of India provides certain subsidies to certain ‘Certified’ Green buildings; among these certifications, FM Global Certification and LEED Certification are the most recognized certifications.

Vatson, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company has 26+ years providing Green Building Solutions to several industries. The solutions used by Vatson are FM Global Approved, and we provide Paneling materials that are 99% biodegradable. Our insulating panels such as - Rockwool Building panels help to efficiently conserve the heat in the premises and are 99% recyclable too. Apart from the green solutions, we also provide a majority of other industry solutions - Pharma Industry solutions, F & B industry Solutions, Fire Safety Solutions, Acoustic solutions, Walkon False Ceiling ®, and several others Our Walkon® False Ceilings. If you have an industry, we have a solution for you. For a consultation about the  Green Building Solutions solutions, Email at or reach out by calling on +91-40-2779-5506.