False Ceiling capable of being walked on, is a recent innovation in the construction technology, being employed as Pharma Solutions, F & B solutions, Automobile Industry Solutions, and others. As clear by the name, ‘walkable’ false ceilings are the ceiling panels that can bear the load of  single or multiple persons on them. There are several advantages of having a Walkable False Ceiling on the premises, some of which are given below. 


The Advantages of Installing Walkable False Ceiling


  • Easy Access for Maintenance


False Ceiling is often integrated with HVAC, Lighting, FIlter and Exhaust solutions, such as - AC Vents, Air Intake Vents, Air Exhaust vents, Lighting fixtures and Panels, and others. Often, it's very difficult to perform repairs or regular maintenance functions on them because of the fragile nature of the false ceiling; in such a case multiple panels may need to be removed for working on the problem. 

On the other hand, Walkable ceilings have inbuilt gates, which allow personnel to get above the ceiling and work. 


  • No Need to Shut The Production

In the case of the conventional ceiling, the workers are unable to resume production in the region where the maintenance is conducted because of the obstructions, such as ladders and dangling panels, in the workspace. 

Meanwhile, a worker can safely resume his work below the walkable false ceiling while the repairs are carried on above him.


  • Facilitates Frequent Inspections and Maintenance

As evident by the earlier statements, performing maintenance on a conventional false ceiling is, to be honest, a tedious affair. Several panels need to be removed, production needs to be stopped and a team of engineers has to work their way with ladders and other equipment. Walkable ceilings cut down on this affair by a huge margin, thus encouraging more frequent maintenance and inspections in the facility, which leads to better efficiency and fewer chances of breakdowns. 


Vatson, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company,  has 26+ years of experience installing walkable false ceilings in several facilities. Vatson’s Walkon ® Walkable False Ceiling is designed keeping in mind the safety of the personnel and ease of access.

 Walkon ® Walkable False Ceiling can effectively bear loads as high as 150 Kg/ Sq. M, guaranteeing the safety of the worker both below and above it. It can be employed as a part of a variety of solutions, be it Clean Rooms, Cold Rooms, manufacturing rooms, etc.. It can also be customized as per your specifications, be it the length of the panels or its color. Other solutions such as Vatson Fire-Resistant Panels, capable of enduring extreme temperatures for as long as 2 hours, or Vatson Rockwool ® Green Panels, which are up to 99% biodegradable, can also be employed along with Walkon ® False Ceilings.  The technical specifications of Vatson Walkon ® Walkable False Ceiling are as following :


Technical Specifications:

  • Outer Skin: 5 thick light profiled or plain G.I sheets/pre-painted G.I sheets.
  • Inner Skin: 0.5 mm thick light profiled or plain G.I sheets/pre-painted G.I sheets.
  • Core / Insulation: Expanded polystyrene slabs of density 16 Kg/m3 or Rockwool Lamellae of density 100 Kg/ m3   
  • Thickness: 80mm
  • Width: 940/950/1150 mm.

For a consultation about the Walkon ® Walkable False Ceiling and related services, Email at: Mail@watson.com or reach out by calling +91-40-2779-5506.