Roofing panels are nothing new and have been used since a long time ago, but the modern competitive market has led to the availability of a variety of roofing panels, each employed to gain a particular benefit. Insulated Roofing panels are one such variety, these roofing panels help to conserve the temperature inside the facility needed for operations. 


Insulated Roofing Panels: Its Benefits 


Reduced Costs


The most significant benefit provided by these panels is the reduction of the operational cost. By insulating the facility against the outside temperatures, the HVAC system of the facility incurs reduced loads and consumes less energy. Thus, the panels effectively bring down the cost required to maintain the temperatures. In fact, the selection of insulated roofing panels can save lakhs of rupees in the running costs of the facilities!


Impact on Environment


Certain roofing panels, such as Vatson’s Rockwool Green Building Panels, are up to 99% biodegradable and also highly recyclable. They not only reduce the negative impact on the environment but also provide some scrap value. 


Resistant to Fire and Seasonal Changes


Insulated panels are built to a standard, to ensure any extreme weather condition - high humidity, heavy rainfall, hailstones, strong winds, etc can be tackled. Certain panels, such as Vatson panels, can effectively act as a fire barrier, enduring the high temperatures for as long as two continuous hours!


Vatson, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company has 26+ years of experience installing insulated roofing panels in several facilities. Our double-skinned Duoroof ® roofing panels are easy to install and require the least amount of annual maintenance. They are also highly customizable, available in any standard RAL color and any standard length as per your liking. The technical specifications of Duoroof are as following : 

  • Inner Skin: 0. 30mm thick light profiled color coat (PCGI) sheet.
  • Outer Skin: 0. 45mm thick trapezoidal profile roofing sheet.
  • Core: EPS/ Rockwool of 50mm thickness 3.
  • Width: 940

Alongside Duoroof ® panels, we also provide Rockwool Green Building Panels ®, which are almost 99% biodegradable. Our FM Global Approved Class 4880 Non Combustible panels, can also be employed as a roofing solution and can withstand high temperatures for as long as 2 hours, effectively protecting your precious machinery and manpower. For a consultation about the insulated roofing panels and related services, Email at or reach out by calling +91-40-2779-5506.