In recent times, the tech world has been filled with news about a specific platform? Started exactly 5 years ago, OnlyFans is getting a big buzz with every passing day. Do you want to become a media mogul in no time? If yes, launching an OnlyFans clone is the right choice for entrepreneurs like you. 

How the OnlyFans Clone Platform is a money-spinner?

  • Monthly subscription plans – Actors / Actresses, content creators, influencers as well as models have the freedom to fix a monthly price. Currently, they will receive 80% of their total earnings. Techpreneurs can pocket the remaining 20% for maintaining the web-based platform, processing transactions, and offering technical assistance.
  • Sale of branded merchandise - Entrepreneurs can harness the e-commerce potential of an OnlyFans like platform. They can boost their income by allowing customers to purchase high-quality products. Likewise, users can buy bags, caps, coffee mugs, hoodies, jackets, leggings, and T-shirts. There are 3 sources of revenue, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), home delivery fees, and packing charges. 
  • Transaction processing charges - Online payments are in vogue now. Accordingly, netizens must be allowed to execute transactions via debit and credit cards like Discover, Mastercard, Paxum e-wallet, and Visa. This will enable hassle-free viewing of engaging content. 

Wrapping Up

OnlyFans is the mecca of content subscription. It has grabbed a huge user base (120 million), consolidated its top position in the market, and is also making profits. It is also updating its community guidelines to be more friendly to artists, comedians, dancers, musicians, and sportspersons. Shrewd entrepreneurs can make the right decision now and build an OnlyFans like platform soon.