Dating back to 2007, each zone in TBC Classic is unique in its way. To re-release The Burning Crusade, Blizzard did not change the original state of the original zones. Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold on MMOSO has always been the love of players. From the scarred wasteland of Hellfire Peninsula to the lush meadows of Nagrand, every zone in TBC Classic is impressive in some way. Here are three of the most memorable.

1. Nagrand
As the jewel in the crown of Outland, Nagrand is everything that the World of Warcraft region should have. Every time you venture into the zone, Nagrand has a truly stunning landscape,  this is one of the most beautiful areas ever created.

In addition, the content available in this zone is second to none. The missions surrounding the Throne of Elements and Laughing Skull Ruins will always be timeless classics, mainly because of their emphasis on teamwork and grouping. 
Hemet Nesingwary's "Big Game Hunter" mission chain is one of the most legendary missions in the early days of World of Warcraft, mainly because the player must kill nearly 100 different creatures in the entire area to complete the mission. 
2. Zangarmarsh
If the Hellfire Peninsula is enough to leave a lasting first impression on players who are new to Outland, then Zangarmarsh should be enough for them to visit again. The environment of Zangarmarsh is amazing, and to this day, it is still different from anything produced by the art team of World of Warcraft. In addition, the missions offered in this zone are too iconic to be missed when passing it for the second or third time. 

From the conflict with the different tribes of the Naga in the area to the relationship with the people of Sporeggar, the questline of Zangarmarsh has so many memorable parts that it cannot be considered one of the best in TBC Classic. 

3. Shadowmoon Valley
In the entire TBC Classic, Shadowmoon Valley is home to some of the most complex and famous mission lines. The legendary "Cipher of Damnation" task chain alone is enough to promote this zone to our list, but countless other memorable moments in Shadowmoon have elevated it to our rankings. 

At the peak of the zone-both physically and metaphorically-is the Black Temple, which may be the most iconic raid in the entire expansion. In order to better complete the raid missions, players often Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold. Everything you will find in Shadowmoon Valley is part of the rest of the TBC Classic lineup.