Wardrobe is the first thing you change when you observe the changes in the weather. As in winters, your favorite strappy and crop tops get packed and they get replaced by sweaters and jackets. Well, there is also a need to change the skincare regime as well as it also needs to change but many of us do not realize the same. Winters can be tough on your skin as they are cold and dry. Hence there are many.

Skincare Mistakes To Avoid In Winters. 

Skin sensitivity may increase due to the harsh winds and indoor heating and may make skin tight and patchy in the winters. Hence these mistakes can affect your skin badly and must be avoided. A single mistake or improper care can be bad for the skin of the people having dry and sensitive skin. Hence you must avoid making these mistakes in your skincare in winter. This blog will help you in following the precautions you can take to keep your skin glowing and healthy. 


Common skincare mistakes in winters

There are many skin care mistakes that can award you poor skin texture and health as well. Listing here the Top skincare mistakes you must avoid in winters. 


Continuing summer skincare regime

Your skincare routine needs to change too as a change in the weather demands a change in the wardrobe. Gels-based lotions and creams might not provide enough moisturization in the winters no doubt they work well in summers when the weather feels sticky. Hence look for the high moisturizing capacity for cleansers, creams, and serums. 


Skipping the sunscreen

Mostly in winters, we consider that wearing sunscreen is not important but this is One of the biggest skincare mistakes that we make. Sun is also equally harmful in winters as well no doubt it may be a rare or a light sighting during the winters. Exposing the skin to all the harmful effects of the sun – tanning, redness, and even skin aging is what skipping the sunscreen results in. also for your lips try using lip balm or chapstick that has some SPF and helps in saving your lips from the sun. 


Over or under exfoliating

Exfoliating is good but as you hear that excess of everything is bad. In the cold season due to dryness, we do not properly exfoliate and this is one of the common skincare mistakes we make. Hence poor exfoliation or no exfoliation may clog your pores and cause breakouts in the skin. To get rid of the flakiness we make another mistake of Rigorously exfoliating the skin which leads to skin irritation, dryness, and flakiness. 


Excessive use of moisturizer

Missing the moisturizer can cause severe dryness and skin irritation especially in winters as moisturizing is a lot important in winters. Also, do not over moisturize your skin as it is also bad for your skin as it can block the pores and can cause breakouts and acne. Hence in prepping the skin Using a moisturizing soap is also an important step.










Hot showers and heated rooms

When the temperature drops, we take long hot showers and stay in heated rooms as everyone wants to be cozy. Well, no doubt showers and heaters are the biggest enemies of your skin’s health as it strips off the skin natural oils and makes your skin flakier and drier. 


Improper makeup application

Because of dryness, You don’t need to stop wearing makeup in winter. Dryness can be taken care of as well if you take care of your skin’s moisture. Hence to lock the moisture and provide nourishment to the skin invest in a good primer. Also, primer helps in applying the makeup flawlessly. 


Skipping face masks

We all know that face masks are cold. Hence when it is freezing outside it seems inhuman to ask anyone to put them on. Hence in winters, the skin needs extra nourishment as the skin gets dry in the winters. Hence to clear the skin’s flakiness, Look for moisturizing masks. 



Hence these are the Top Skincare mistakes to avoid In Winters. Skipping, forgetting about one of these can create skin issues. Also, these steps are simple and obvious as well. Hence you should change your skincare routines as the season change. Also to keep your skin safe and healthy no matter how harsh the winters seem avoid these mistakes.