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Best tight ends - Madden NFL 22

The release of Madden NFL 22 is just days away, and will bring new versions of the football simulation. It's a common practice that producer EA Sports slowly releases the top player ratings as we near the launch of the new Madden game and the tradition is still in existence. Let's take a look at the best tight ends from Madden NFL 22.

This is the main story. Travis Kelce has once again earned a place in the Madden 99 Club. Even though Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs' season could not have ended as they hoped and hoped, it was an incredibly excellent year for Kelce as shown in his overall. George Kittle, who's often discussed as buy Madden 22 coins who the most effective tight end in the NFL is, ranks at a 95 overall. Even though he had play with an alternative quarterback throughout the season, Kittle still proved that he is one of the most talented players on the field.