Tables 12.3, 12.4 and 12.6 depict similarities in predictions made in the particular fields. Some predictions have come to pass while others are possible in the near future to become the truth. The predictions made in the health arena will happen in the near future. Treatment technologies such as the stem cell research have already been initiated in order to provide better healthcare to people. Similarly, pilot-less planes and robot surgeons are almost being realized. The use of animal organs to replace human ones has partially worked although the research continues. As far as technology is concerned, the computers and Internet make the world a global community. Additionally, computers became almost a part of the home appliances with the development of RFID tags.

Multiple organizations may have similar  based media analysis essay madeon the past and current trends. Futurologists predict the future by assessing the current trends, advancements and other activities that have taken place in the past, recent past or present time. Since most futurologists are looking at the same available information, they are likely to make similar predictions.

A prediction made basing on the same source is more likely to become accurate. When multiple parties arrive to the same conclusion after analyzing the same data over a given period, the possibility of the prediction occurring in reality is high. Institutions, for example, are made of people with the diverse personalities and ways of perceiving information. If they using the available resources arrive to the same conclusion, there must be an accuracy of the same. It is relevant to note that futurologists look at the prevailing facts before making predictions of the future. If the futurologists look at these facts from diverse angles and find the patterns, they will predict future more accurately.