It is difficult to assess the mental state of a male who fails to make love to his bed partner due to his poor erection quality. Such men lack confidence before approaching their female partner and often suffer from low self -esteem.

 Poor quality of erection is the main cause of increased friction and incompatibility between couples. Studies have shown that men with flaccid erection mostly remain frustrated and depressed and dislike sharing their problems with friends and relatives.  A large number of medications are available in the market which boasts of improving the quality of erection and rejuvenating sex life of males. Cenforce 100 mg is a clinically tested and FDA embraced medication to overcome ED and restore natural sex life.

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Cenforce should be taken by men who are taking medicines for hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.  Individuals with history of glaucoma or renal problems must bring this fact to the notice of their physician prior to its us. This medication should never be blended with any form of intoxicating substances. Fatty meals, caffeine, nicotine and grapefruit products should never be taken along with them.  Men with flaccid erection can buy Cenforce 100 mg UK from the secure platform of