Concrete is, without a doubt, one of the most popular building materials used in the construction industry. Given its features, such as sturdiness and relatively fair price, it is used in almost every construction project today. With concrete comes various equipment that help with the preparation, delivery, and utilization of concrete in construction projects. One of the common equipment is the portable concrete pump, which has increasingly become popular in construction sites. Portable concrete pumps have gained their popularity due to their various benefits, and the cutting edge they offer compared to other concrete pumps. 

If you are wondering why you should consider investing in a portable concrete pump, here are some reasons.

1. Accurate Concrete Placement

Portable concrete pumps, like other concrete pumps, offer higher liquid concrete placement precision compared to the traditional placement methods. This ensures that concrete is placed exactly when it is required, hence minimizing concrete wastage in construction projects. In the long run, this means that construction costs are reduced as the concrete is utilized sparingly and as planned. Learn more about concrete pump Indonesia here.

2. Less Time and Effort

Generally, mechanization in the construction industry has led to higher productivity. Particularly, portable concrete pumps reduce the time and effort it takes to pump concrete to the required location. This means that projects are completed within the projected time and that less labor is used to complete a construction project. 
Overall, this ensures that the running costs of the project remain relatively as less labor is needed and liquid concrete is used sparingly. 

3. Safety of Individuals at Construction Sites

Manual concrete placement has over the years been associated with accidents, as technicians were needed in huge numbers in construction projects. However, the introduction of mobile concrete pumps meant that these pumps dictated how concrete would be pumped instantly and directly to the required spot, hence reducing the number of workers involved in the process. Over the years, these pumps have been attributed to the reduced number of accidents in the construction industry. Read more about mini concrete pump here.

concrete pump

4. Versatility

Portable concrete pumps can be moved from one place to another, which means that they can be used in various construction projects, provided there is a need for concrete pumping. These pumps therefore come in handy in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, and many other construction projects.
What more, portable concrete pumps come in various volumes and pumping capacities. That means that you can choose one that suits the needs of your project for maximum utilization of resources. 

5. Efficiency

Besides their versatility, portable concrete pumps offer clean operation and great efficiency in construction projects. This is because of their precise concrete placement and efficient use of liquid concrete. Their efficiency makes them the preferred equipment for concrete pumping in construction projects as they help with timely completion of projects and proper utilization of liquid concrete. Refer to AIMIX Group to learn more.

Portable concrete pumps are movable pumps that are used for concrete placement and can be moved from one site to another. Their accuracy, safety, versatility, and efficiency are some of the reasons why players in the construction industry should consider investing in them.