HP Printer Error 0XC0000185 can usually be found during the reboot process. This can cause your entire screen to turn blue. This issue can be caused by hardware problems or boot errors in HP Printer. Many users face technical issues, including HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb8004. This error code can be corrected by identifying the cause.

This Blog will help you solve the problem with error codes. It also provides technical solutions.

This code will not allow your device to turn off, so it can be confusing and difficult. The screen will display an error message indicating that your computer needs repair. If you do not have technical skills then you will not know the exact cause of HP Printer Error Code 0.c0000185. Some possible reasons for this error are as follows:

  • Any technical issue with the hard drive's motherboard can prevent the computer from booting up.
  • This problem can be caused by faulty drivers, corrupted boot configuration data, or other problems with these Windows-based PCs.
  • You are more likely to get a blue screen of death if your Windows Update has been applied for and is corrupt or incomplete.
  • If the process was interrupted by technical or hardware issues, error codes may still be seen in HP Printer.
  • This problem is likely to affect many HP Printer users who use Windows 10. This error can occur due to users who fail to select the correct OS version.

Step to troubleshoot HP Printer Error 0XC0000185. These are the steps:

  • This will allow you to start the whole process. You will need to use the CD or DVD for Windows 10 installation that was provided to you when you purchased your HP Printer. Turn on your computer then insert the CD/DVD to reboot the OS. You'll see a prompt that says "Press any key to start with CD or DVD," then press any key. This will allow you to boot your device from a CD or DVD.
  • Next, you need to enter the correct time and specify the keyboard type. After that click "Repair your computer", then under "Troubleshooting functions" select "Advanced options", then click on the "Automatic repair" option to fix the error code.
  • Troubleshoot and repair boot configuration data. If the "Automatic Repair" feature fails to resolve HP PRINTER error code 0.xc0000185, you can continue with Command Prompt. Enter 'BOOTREC/FIXMBR' to get into Windows.
  • Press Enter to launch the 'BOOTREC/FIXBOOT' command. After typing BOOTREC hit the Enter key to eject the Windows 10 installation DVD or CD from your computer. Finally, you can restart your device.

Follow the steps to apply the System Restore option on your computer. This restore option will resolve the 0XC0000185 error if there are no other issues with your HP Printer.