The food and Beverage Industry, commonly abbreviated as F & B Industry, deals with food processing, its packaging, and transport. Anything that can be ‘eaten or drunk’ apart from medicine/ Pharmaceutical products, is made by the F & B sector. The sector is the largest sector for employment in India, employing more than 7 million individuals. As such, this evergreen sector sees a constant influx of new entrants and if one is interested in finding out the general requirements and F & B Industry Solutions, a few of them are tabulated below.


General Requirements for F & B Premises


  • Clean and Hygienic Environment

First and foremost, the environment in which the food is being processed should be as clean as possible. Also, the staff should follow the proper hygiene standards. Any residue deposit, silt deposit, cross contaminants from outside can quickly result in being a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria and fungi. The most common F & B Industry Solutions to maintain a clean and hygienic environment are – ‘Clean Rooms’. Clean rooms are isolated, self-ventilated rooms which facilitate quick cleaning as well as minimum cross-contamination from outside.

  • To Maintain a Steady Rate of Production

While other sectors can handle a slight delay or shift in the production schedule, F & B Industry is adversely successive to any such delay. Even a delay of just a few days can result in the raw material being spoilt and cost being sunk. Thus, F & B industries require twice the maintenance than any similarly operating industry needs

  • Storing of the Raw and Finished Food Materials

Edibles, unlike cotton and other non-edible inorganic raw materials, decompose at a much faster rate. Thus it becomes imperative to handle it as cautiously as possible. Proper storage measures are an important criterion for granting FDA approvals, operating licenses, and other certifications. Cold rooms employed as  F & B Industry Solutions to properly handle materials and reduce their rate of decomposition

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