The Archery adaptable This all started in the 1948 International Wheelchair Games. Olympic With an arrow shot by a Spanish runner of this modality.

Archery adaptation

The Archery adaptable Sport is one of the most popular. You combine precision with strength, and you do it with high concentration. They can practice in a wheelchair or standing simultaneously, either in both masculine or feminine categories. People with disabilities may also participate in their practice. Physical disabilities Oder Andere Disabilities Be sure to carry the correct adaptations.

Archery adaptation aims for the archerShootBows that are placed in the centre of a target by arrows. It can be at a certain distance indicated by the rules for both men, women, and children. This is when the arrow reaches a target's centre. This adds ten points. The points are added together, and the winner receives the highest point at the end of the competition.

The sports Intensification of competition Archery adaptable Undergoes a series o physicals. You can be classified by one health specialist, who rates if they're fit to compete.

The following disciplines are used for grading the competitions:

  • Outdoor Archery
  • Archery
  • Field Shot
  • Archery and Adaptation
  • Arc Race
  • Archery to ground
  • Long-distance Archery
  • Ski-Bow
  • Archery 3D

These athletes compete in the same rules of this adapted sport, including the exact distances and procedures. compound bow Events (The bow is equipped with some adaptations such as a stabilizer, protector, or sight. These adaptations are not electronic and have never been used if electronic).recurve bowIndividually or in teams, a conventional bow may be used

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