We love to bargain our favorite pieces of furniture. What we need is a decent piece of furniture that stands still against time and survives long years of rough and tough use, but how to justify that the chosen one will nail the test? We cannot tell the difference between the timber furniture which will last for a season or a lifetime without inspecting it closely.

Wondering how to identify low-quality timber furniture? Here are a few signs that your cheap timber bedroom furniture could actually be of such low quality.


Tips to identify low-quality timber bedroom furniture 

  • Check your furniture’s materials 

Check unfinished edges to identify if it’s solid timber or plywood. Solid wood or timber furniture pieces are more durable and expensive as it contains only wood. Thus, it will appear as one solid piece. On the other hand, if it is made of plywood, you’ll be able to see visible layers of wood, glue, or resin. 


  • Look out for the weight 

If your furniture is cheap and is lightweight, it’s a sign that the piece isn’t made of pure timber or the quality is low. A high-quality piece of furniture with 100% read timber is much heavier. 


  • Check if it’s stable or not 

A good timber bedroom furniture that is solid will be stable as well. Solid timber bedroom furniture shouldn’t wiggle or move. So, if you sit on a chair and it leans, then it’s a sign of poorly made furniture. Try to purchase from good manufacture who sells genuine timber hardware. 


  • Identify imperfections

Be careful about lightweight materials that are about 3mm thin such as veneer-wood. These are a combination of different woods. These are meant to have a uniform look, while solid hardware (the real one) shows signs of imperfection, grain, and other characters of wood. 


  • Ensure they’re of good quality 

If you notice any wood runners in the furniture, it is a sign of poor quality. Metal runners on the other hand are of better quality and ensure the longevity of the timber bedroom furniture. 

These are just a few signs to differentiate between real timber furniture and a cheap, low-quality one. However, there is one thing that still remains - the warranty! When you go to a named manufacturer, they’ll offer you a warranty with each item that lasts up to 1 to 5 years. You may find the warranties to be expensive, but this keeps you safe from spending more in case you’re furniture needs a repair or replacement. 


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