Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular Nintendo Switch game. The game provides players with free and creative choices that they lack. Some players abandoned their islands over time. Some give up for more than a year or even longer. What happens if these players return to their virtual animal crossing?

Attentive players will find that Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands evolve and based on the activities completed by the player. There are regular activities on ACNH Island every morning at 6 a.m. Villagers in the early morning will regularly visit ACBellsBuy stores and choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells. This is the beginning of the day. The game is a simulation that maximizes reality. The players in the game are also very hardworking.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of leaving the animals to cross is the overgrown weeds in the courtyard. Every day, more weeds are produced on the grass and trails on the island, which will eventually affect its overall island star rating. If the score drops sharply after a year-long vacation, the original effort will be lost.

Absent from the game for a long time will bring infection to the player's house. Players will receive a short cutscene notification in which bugs will scurry around in the room. These cockroaches cannot be captured because the player cannot use the net indoors. Cockroaches are fast and move irregularly. These bugs are likely to invade every room. Therefore, it is recommended that players stay at home for some time to ensure that all cockroaches are killed.

Although returning to an abandoned animal forest island will bring many disadvantages, cleaning up and restoring relations with some residents can be a fulfilling pastime. Unfortunately, the debt the player owes Tom Nook will not disappear, but at least he does not charge interest! Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to quickly restore the original appearance of the island. Players have enjoyed the fun of the game to enrich their lives, and now a large number of players have chosen to restart the leisurely life of Animal Crossing.