League of Legends has a huge range of champions, and getting to know and play them all to a high standard takes a lot of a time and effort. You’ll rarely see players take on all roles in League Accounts  , they will choose a role and stick with it, mastering a few champions at a time.

What Are Lol Roles?

League of Legends has five main roles. All of them differ according to the preferred playstyle and specific functions on the map. Their strengths are divided in the following ways:

Top and middle laners fight in 1x1 encounters (their name corresponds to the name of the lane of operation),

ADC and Support meet the enemy on the bottom lane

Jungler – the remaining player - explores the jungle and aids any allies’ lanes.

You must note that sometimes you will have to wait in line in order to play the desired position.

Top Lane

The Top Lane is often called “The Island” because this is where the least amount of action occurs. Don’t get us wrong, there is no lane in League of Legends that won’t constantly have the potential for fights breaking out but the Top Lane is definitely the place where conflicts occur the least. Players who like to play passively and play for the team instead of wanting to make flashy plays will find a home here. This is the lane where the most amount of champion types can be played.

The Top Lane Overview

Lane: Baron Lane

Learning Difficulty: Easy

Responsibilities: Teleport Response, Side Lane Management, Flanking, Split-Push, Soaking Pressure

Champion Types: Tanks, Bruisers, Battlemages, Marksmen, and Assassins

Players to Watch: TheShy, Nuguri, Bwipo, Impact, and Wunder

Top Lane Responsibilities

The Top Laner is in-charge of a number of things. For one, this is the lane that usually holds the Teleport summoner spell, which means that you are in charge of responding to distress calls in other lanes by teleporting by their side when they are under threat of being killed. Because of Teleport, the Top Laner is also usually found on the side lanes trying to destroy towers or clear minion waves because they can always teleport into a fight when things go bad.

Top Lane Champions

Top Lane has the most flexible list of champions that you can use. The Top Laner usually plays for a mix of utility and damage. Champions that are able to control the enemy team or threaten them by being able to assassinate them from the most unexpected places are good champions to use in the top lane. However, the most prevalent choice for Top Lane are Tanks because they thrive in the environment that doesn’t require fighting too often unlike in other lanes.


The supposedly boring role who joins the AD carry in the bottom lane, and assists and protects allies where needed. Despite being seen as a useless role by most beginners due to lack of damage, the healer’s positive effect abilities are crucial in team fights.

Beginner’s pick: Janna.

Janna provides the ultimate protection to her team. From shields to heals, she insures security, fending off threats to her allies while preserving the life of her teammates. Her Monsoon (R) ability knocks back all enemies within a large circular range while healing her allies, allowing her teammates to relocate to more strategic positions.

Mid Lane

Mid Laners can also be classified as Mages or Champions who can deal significant burst damage to targets. Typically, Mages are designated in the Mid Lane since this is the area in the map that is a crucial tactical point due to its ease of access for both teams. A Mid Laner’s job is similar to the Top Laner. And that is to get as much farm as possible so you can purchase powerful items that would significantly amplify damage output.

Popular Mid Lane Champions include Ahri, Orianna, Annie, and Lux. These Champions all have good AP burst damage on their respective kits. Getting them enough farm and experience in the Mid Lane also allows them to unlock their power to melt opposing Champions.

AD-Carry (ADC)

Not only being patient in farming, but also in team fights. Sometimes you will have to be patient in trading early game. Some champions are designed to be weaker than others in the early game, and some are weaker than others late game.

Also, you will not have luck all the time to match with the best supporters. Being patient to the support is something that not every player can do.


Since there are only 3 lanes on summoner’s rift and 5 players, there has to be a player who plays in the jungle. This is done for a number of reasons. The first is that by having someone in the jungle utilizing the jungle camps, they can gain XP without having to share it with other players.

If 2 players decided to go top lane but the enemy team only had 1 player there, after a while there would be a significant level difference. This is because XP is split between champions in the area. So by having a player in the jungle not only allows other players to get the full XP from their lanes, but the jungler also gets maximum XP.

The second reason for having a jungler is to help support other lanes. Naturally, the jungler will have to move from camp to camp in order to kill creatures and get XP. This requires a lot of roaming and running around. A lot of the time the jungler will pass a lane in order to get to another jungle camp. While passing, the jungler can assist the lane with pushing minions or trying to gank the enemy laner.

In this guide we covered popular roles in League of Legends, including the role you want to main! Whether it’s Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, or Support, you can queue up for your next game on the rift, confident that you understand the core concepts behind your role. There is still a long way ahead of you towards competitive play, get into LoL account and enjoy the game. You can Buy League of Legends Account from https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts to turn a profit.