Hologram stickers are one of the fastest, easy, and effective ways to increase your business sales. These unique stickers make your business stand out among many others in the marketplace. The exclusive and catchy style appearance of the hologram sticker makes everyone look twice and buy from you! 

The custom hologram stickers make your company and product more pleasing. The custom 3D hologram stickers make your product more attractive and eye-catching. 

The custom hologram stickers are not just normal stickers; flat labels give a 3D image's visual effect. The light falling on them creates the mesmerizing effect as if we are looking towards 3D objects.

Make Your Packaging Boom With Hologram Stickers!

If you are looking to boom your packaging sales with an amazing sticker, custom hologram stickers may just be the way to go. Whether you use them for fun or as a company logo, these hologram stickers are certainly going to make you stick out!

These stickers are digitally printed and made from a creative 3 mil thick metalized vinyl, paired to a permanent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive gives amazing power with 4-5 years of outdoor life.

You can use these on your packaging boxes and give your product a new and attractive look. You can print your company logo, address and other necessary information on these stickers. With this, your customers know about your brand and again purchase from your company.

Custom Hologram Stickers- Tips Before Printing:

Good custom stickers start with a good logo. Suppose you have an old custom logo for your brand or business. In that case, you may want to think about an updated logo design of custom stickers. But just with a strong logo doesn't take your brand high in the market. There are several main factors to consider when putting your brand logo on wholesale custom hologram stickers.

Here are numerous tips from our designers at PlusPrintersUSA when preparing your business logo for custom stickers and labels.

Let's take a look!

  1. Where will the custom hologram sticker ideally be applied, and how long do they need to stay? Are the holograms stickers for clothing? Laptops? Cell phones? Walls? Gas pumps? Are stickers use for promoting brand value in the market?

The answer to this question will help define the best material. While manufacturing these stickers, you have to focus on their designs and shapes.

  1. How will the hologram stickers be distributed? Will the stickers be handed out at trade markets? Sold in markets? Mailed in an envelope with other materials?

You don't have to worry about this. You can attach these stickers to your custom packaging boxes, and it can help you advertise your brand high among thousands of others.

Want to learn more? Well, look below!

Give Your Packaging Room To Shine Look!


When you have few seconds to command customers attention, custom printed hologram stickers give you the top solution and help you to keep all eyes on your products.

The name holographic sticker comes from the iridescent effect that is attached to your packaging. The stickers and labels are made with a special film that develops a rainbow-like effect that allows your designs to shimmer.

Ink is printed on this label and protected with a laminate to protect your design and packaging. Moreover, it also helps to protect your stickers from water, scuffs, and other hazards

The Difference Between Hologram Stickers And Holographic Labels:

It's important to note that there's a difference between a hologram sticker and a holographic label. A holographic sticker made with serial numbers and logos and hard to counterfeit. So brands and big business companies can use them to show authenticity and give product protection.

Design Tips:

A good custom hologram sticker is a perfect way to attract customers attention. While designing stickers, you have to use colorful designs and styles. If you choose dull or colorless designs and shapes, no one would like to buy from your company.

Imagine if your going to any retail shop the product you want to buy has dull or boring packaging would you like to buy? Definitely no! So it's necessary to choose the best quality material and designs while making your hologram sticker.

Be Mindful And Creative:

It's essential to think about empty space when you have something as unique as a holographic label. Empty spaces on your packaging design will allow the holographic effect to shine through without any obstruction from ink.

Avoid Adding Additional Gradients:

You need to put extra information on your sticker because it looks messy, and no one would like to see it. In addition, holographic labels already add that rainbow effect to your Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale; therefore, you don't have to put additional features.

Right Laminates And Varnishes:

After investing in unique and attractive holographic labels, the last thing you have to do is to cover up what makes them unattractive. 

Laminate and varnishes play an essential role in protecting and overall appeal of your packaging product. There are two finishes that you can use on your packaging stickers

The one is a matte coating, and the other is a glossy coating. Both coatings give your product a new and exceptional look.

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