I always wondered why outdoor lights are important. Stay on Point with outdoor light with all you need to know about outdoor lights and light up your home's exterior.

Stay on Point with the perfect outdoor lights.

Let's Light It Up! 

For every homeowner, their home is their castle. It is probably the largest investment in their lives. It is always an effort to stay on point with its interior decoration, furniture and indoor lights to make it all the more perfect on the inside than out. For those who like to spend time with their friends and family in the comfort of their backyard will not overlook the importance of outdoor illumination.
Although it is beautiful to watch the sun slowly fade below the horizon, it can be a buzzkill when everyone has to move inside for adequate lighting. Outdoor lighting can transform the ambience of your yard, balcony, terrace garden or the whole home. There's a wide variety of options available to choose from. You might have a nice lawn in your front yard, a water feature in your garden or your favourite perennials in full bloom on your balcony; a spotlight is not gonna cut it. 
To make the cut of an ideal outdoor light, the setting is crucial. Choosing outdoor lights for your desired effect is very much a trial and error process, and that is why we have these tiny tips to help you choose the best for your castles.
What are the popular outdoor lighting types and features? 
 Landscape lighting can be a simple and equally complex task. Depending on the size of your yard and the goals you have in terms of lighting design. Besides beautifying your home, it is also an effective way to make your home more secure. 
When lighting your landscape, pay extra mind to the pathways; this makes your garden or backyard more usable at night. 
Exterior lighting:
Exterior lighting creates a warm, welcoming feeling when friends or family are visiting. Similarly, depending on your home plan and structure, Just like indoor lighting, think about the types of light– ambient (general lighting), task and accent (to highlight and add drama to architectural or landscape features).
Garden lighting:
Divide your garden into 'zones' and light each zone with a different colour light or colour temperature. Pathways can be lit by small LED lights or soft lanterns to give it a serene look. If you have a lot of trees in your garden, make sure to shine spotlights on them and also spotlight the other darker areas of the garden for a wholesome feel of the entire landscape.
Security lighting: 
One of the greatest advantages of installing outdoor lighting is to improve home security. By adding brilliant bright lights around the exterior of your house, you can guarantee shadows and dark corners that easily hide intruders and robbers are brought to light in the night. This makes it really difficult to break into your home as burglars are easily noticed by neighbours, pedestrians, cameras or even you.
How to protect outdoor lightings from the Elements?
Unfortunately, insects and bugs are naturally attracted to lights, and this can put a damper on your evening walk in your garden or backyard. The simple solution to it is to stick with LED lights in the outdoors. They release less heat and thus, attract fewer bugs and moths around themselves. 
Installing light shields is another option you can explore to create a physical barrier between your outdoor lights and natural elements. Be sure to take the exact measures of the fixtures to ensure proper protection and also the best function of the lights. 
0ne of the most obvious reasons to have security lights is personal safety. Illuminating backyards, driveways, pathways, steps, porches and the rest of your home will help to eliminate the possibility of injuries for you and your loved ones- especially around the rains accident conditions are at higher risk due to water and mud.
Placing security lighting all around the home can double up as accent lighting as well, thus setting turns amplified as the night creeps in slowly and with a glow that boosts up the mood radically! 

Outdoor lighting with ambient warmer tones is very inviting and encourages guests and hosts alike to get comfortable and enjoy the evening.
So overall, outdoor lighting that makes the home just as appealing as indoors can transform your lifestyle. Instead of moving inside when the sun sets, you can relax with a glass of wine, cook food and enjoy your meal outside, or just walk about in the evening knowing your outdoor space is safe, secure and decorated to make your home a more enjoyable place.

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