Dr. Parag Telang is a renowned plastic surgeon who understands the needs of his patients. He provides the best jawline surgery in India at Designer Bodyz. V-line jaw shave is one of the best ways to make the wide face look more feminine. There are a few different methods for carrying out V-line surgery such as T-shaped osteotomy, Inverted ‘V’ shape osteotomy, L-shape shift method, Horizontal osteotomy according to an individual’s requirement. The recovery procedure from V-line surgery is quick when compared to other facial plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Parag is practicing in the field of plastic surgery for many years. He considers patients as his top priority and tries to use his skills with excellence to bring out amazing results. He offers the best results to his patients using excellent surgical skills. To know more about jawline surgery costs and procedures in India, visit Designer Bodyz.

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