Many people now distinguish between wet and dry areas in the bathroom when they are decorating. One is to prevent the bathroom from getting water when taking a bath, and the other is to enjoy the soothing feeling brought by the shower when taking a bath. How to choose a shower faucet? Next, I will analyze them one by one for everyone.

If you don't look at it from a professional point of view, the purchase of faucets can generally be divided into three categories.

1. Look at prices and sales

Nowadays, many people like to shop online. The photos of the faucet on the Internet are so gorgeous and it is impossible to know what they actually are. So looking at the price, many people like to buy cheaper ones, for example. The price of large showers on the Internet ranges from 200 to 800, if the emerging constant temperature is now 600-1500. Some people think that the faucet has no technical content, and that the price is low.

That’s right, compared to electronic products, the technical content of the faucet is indeed much lower, but the raw material cost of the faucet is relatively high. Generally, the current faucet uses copper or stainless steel as the main material, and the production of the faucet is not yet available. Completely mechanized, many steps still need to be manufactured manually, so the cost is still not low.

2. Look at the style and function

There is nothing to talk about about the style, as long as you like it. In terms of functions, the big shower is actually nothing more than those functions. Now that there are showers called constant temperature, many people may have encountered themselves when the water suddenly becomes very cold or very hot. This is because there may be other people in the house. The local boiling faucet causes the water pressure to be unstable when you take a bath, and the mixing ratio of hot and cold water changes and it becomes hot and cold. In fact, this is quite annoying.

The thermostatic shower means that there is a temperature-sensing valve inside, which automatically adjusts the water output ratio, so this situation is avoided. This design is good, and some have digital displays, which are very tall. But I don't recommend buying products with digital display. After all, it is in a very wet place. There may be no problem for a period of time. There is a chance that the digital display device will be broken after a period of time. Therefore, if you buy a thermostatic shower, I suggest buying one without digital display.

3. Look at the brand

I also prefer this. If you have a budget, try to choose branded products or shower faucet manufacturers with decades of production experience. The quality is guaranteed.