We'll soon be able to NBA2king observe the new game mode replace "The Neighborhood", the online portal that lets users to purchase clothes, shoes or pick-up games. It also allows five-on-five in a recreation center. It's difficult to know what the new game will look like. They've done a wonderful job of keeping it under the radar and avoiding leaks. That means that whenever they drop a video showing us what's new, it is best to anticipate an insane amount of attention on the replies.

The biggest issue I have is the lack of chatter about MyLeague as that's the place I spend my most moments playing my Playstation. It's my opinion that it's the best mode due to the amount of creativity it can allow and the fact that buying VC isn't necessary. You could be as awesome as you like without the burden of having to spend money. 

You can relocate teams or create new teams, download other player's uniforms, floor designs (I'm in the company of SuperSonic fans), blow up a team, build super teams, import draft classes that are coming up or previous draft classes. You can basically do anything you'd like. It's the reason it's addictive.

Although the game is, there haven't been any major updates in recent years, and that's why the lack of attention shown up to now is worrying. 2K has declared this to be the best game they've ever played however, in the event that "MyLeague" is not improved it will be doubts that the claims become reality. Overall, I believe that this game has the potential to be their greatest game to date. The main reason is that the last time we saw a next gen jump, the quality of NBA 2K improved vastly from appearance, game modes, to play.

A little while after the jump was made, they launched 2K16 as well as 17 which I'm convinced were their two best games that they've released, with 16 being their top. If they can replicate that magic on NBA 2K21, not only can they deliver an amazing game, but the impact of it could be much larger due to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT PS4 the boredom that COVID-19 been bringing to us all.