Many people perceive electric scooters as transport, segway uk and hover boards as a toy. This division is not always true - especially when it comes to powerful hover boards that are as fast as the average scooter. In this guide, we will compare two types of electric vehicles and choose the one that suits your needs. There are six questions to be answered. • How fast are you planning to drive? The maximum speed of gyro scooters is from 10 to 25 km / h, depending on the model. Electric scooter - 20-30 km / h, but there are also faster options. If the priority is the ability to quickly move from point A to point B, then it is better to opt for a scooter with a powerful engine. • How far are you planning to travel? The maximum distance that an electronic vehicle can travel without recharging depends on the battery capacity and the passenger's weight. The second indicator is a variable number, but the battery should be decided at the start. The batteries of both types of devices are similar, but electric scooters have a wider range. For example, Segway-Ningbo scooters can travel from 12 to 65 km without recharging, and hover boards - from 22 to 35 km. Therefore, there can be no single recommendation here. When choosing, you need to focus on a specific model and see what specifications the manufacturer indicates. • How much time are you willing to spend on mastering the device? It is easier for a beginner to ride an electric scooter: you can get up and go without preparation. The gyro scooter is more difficult. If you have not stood on it before, it will take time to learn how to keep balance, understand the controls and bring the process of movement to automaticity. The mechanism is simple, but you need to get used to it. • Which is safer? It is easier to fall off the hover board since you only control it with your legs and weight transfer. The electric scooter is more maneuverable and stable, and the built-in handle does not allow you to lose balance even on bumps. If you know that the road will be rough or there will be obstacles on your way, it is better to choose an electric scooter. The safety of a person on a gyro scooter directly depends on two factors: the flatness of the road and how well the passenger is able to maintain balance. In any case, we recommend that you always wear a helmet - even the tidiest person is not immune from accidental collisions. • What is more convenient? As soon as you get used to riding a hover board and learn to confidently maintain balance, your upper body is completely free. For example, you can hold an object in your hands or talk on the phone (although for security reasons, we do not recommend not doing the latter). When you ride a scooter, you control it with your whole body, you have both hands occupied. But things can be hung on the handle - provided that it is a bag, backpack or bag, and not a large box. The electric scooter will be more convenient if your battery suddenly runs out. segway uk You can continue to ride it as on a regular scooter. The hover board will have to be carried in your hands - for a device that weighs 12-16 kg, this can be problematic.