The burning heat in June, July, and August makes us feel like sitting on the seams of the sun. However, your vehicle cannot enjoy the luxury serving for the purpose it has been made for. You must have comprehensive knowledge about car care tips. It is because the heat, summer season in UAE brings dirt puffs, dust, and humidity which causes severe impacts on your car. The extreme heat and light during the summers right in the middle of a sandy area can easily cause severe damages to your car’s framework, sand and dust will impact your engine, and the heat would evaporate the car fluids causing overheating and roadside breakdown. That’s when you call the car recovery services Abu Dhabi. However, it has always been a good practice to know some car care tips on hand.

To me, one’s vehicle is the most precious asset one earns. Your hard-earned property must be the most cared one. Here are some handy tips for your car safety, especially during the summers.

  1. The cooling system

Before you set out on a journey……..

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