Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is for anyone who wants to transform their face basic appearance into a soft and feminine structure. This can be easily achieved through reshaping structures such as bridge, nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and nostrils. The FFS surgical procedures resize and rebuilt one's facial appearance and provide a more feminine look. FFS surgery has helped many transgender people to reflect their inner self with the desired appearance. This surgery has helped many patients who are challenged with gender dysphoria and provide them with a more feminine, beautiful, and versatile appearance. The best transgender facial feminization surgery is performed in India by Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz along with natural-looking results.FFS surgery alters one's appearance in subtle appropriate ways. Many people are worried about their scars. Dr. Parag is quite skilled in concealing marks with the skin's natural folds and coloring. Visit the clinic to see real facial feminization surgery results performed by Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz.To know more about facial feminization surgery in the USA and India consult today with Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz.

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