The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost all industries. Our homes are no exception. It forced many to reimagine their living spaces as they spent more time at home with family. A lifestyle change led to demand for homes that are functional and 'work from home' friendly. Mumbai is characterized by limited living spaces. Trends such as space-saving smart designs and multipurpose furniture are here to stay. Technology Technology will play a crucial role in the increasing demand for home automation. The availability of smart devices has revolutionized living spaces- AI-enabled T.V., lighting, dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and voice-controlled devices. False ceiling lights and under-cabinet lighting are becoming a standard in homes. Some of the best real estate developers in Mumbai, including Adani Realty, are integrating design with ground-breaking construction technology. Work from home It appears that work from home is here to stay for a long time. Homeowners should make the best of it by turning unused spaces into home offices. An unused corner of the house can be transformed into a mini-library. A shelf of books is a great backdrop for Zoom meetings. Home-makeovers are more than just slapping a coat of paint on the walls. It involves smart utilization of space and the addition of fun elements- textured walls, geometric and floral wallpapers, and more. Homeowners are looking to transform their homes into flexible spaces with comfortable office space and study areas. Ergonomically designed desk, lighting, and background help boost productivity and assist in digital detox as well. Colour Pop Bold paint colors, striking wallpapers, colored kitchen cabinets, bathrooms-people want more than just white. Calming colors like teal and moss green and even darker hues are gaining popularity. As homeowners spent most of their time at home in 2020, a splash of color added excitement and personality to their work environment. Wellness Home is the sanctum, and the focus is on wellbeing. Candles, bathtubs, and good pressure in the shower with jet spray systems, quiet corners for meditation with an aroma dispenser, and uncluttered minimal spaces will be in trend. Homes will be designed for maximum sunlight and soundproof doors. Devices that help disinfect homes will also be in demand. From larger renovations such as soaking tubs to smaller installations such as therapy shower heads, bathroom renovations aim to achieve the wellbeing of a spa. Many commercial projects in Mumbai will also need to cater to changes in structure and design due to COVID-19. The future of work in Mumbai will be driven by trends of “work, live and play”. A new kind of office called ‘value offices’ will strive to maximize value for businesses and society. Such commercial properties are gaining momentum due to better technology such as high-speed elevators and architecture that enhance ‘ease of working’. The residential and commercial real estate sector continues to evolve in Mumbai in terms of décor and architecture. Technology and judicious utilization of limited spaces will play a key role.