I will also give my appreciation to rs 2007 gold a couple of Jagex employees. This list should actually be about 10 times more than it will be because everyone was amazing. Although only a handful of na mes appear in this list, I am grateful for all of them.

Andrew Gower and Mark Gerhard Mark Gerhard - We are truly thankful for your kindness and hospitality. It was a memorable trip. We are grateful to you for your time and willingness to address any questions we had. Both of you were easy to get along with and made us feel at home. We thank you again.

Sarah Jane - Your organization of our trip, our schedule and the party were amazing. I'm also amazed by your ability to manage the weather. Mod Hohbein assisted us physically move from one place to another and looked out for us throughout our visit. You're amazing!

Mod Paul M. Mod Paul M. - We didn't have time to take a test drive ?!?! I'm not kidding. You made sure we had fun on Saturday, and you were a wonderful host. We loved meeting you in person and getting to get to know you more. Mod Poppy, wow it was so simple to get in touch. You spent your day off with us and that is amazing. I look forward being your friend for many years to seeing you again. You can send me these songs!

There are also a few points that Jagex taught us. They can charge you if they find out that you have been hacking accounts or publishing false RS3 websites to steal passwords. You must keep your game clean. If someone is calling you a noob or basically being annoying but isn't blatantly offensive, simply ignore them. That is what that function is for. Most of the incidents will not cause black marks, and ignoring them will ensure that you don't every have to buy OSRS gold deal with that person annoying you again LOL.