Anonymizer is a unique webweb page that permits you to open different Internet assets via it. The primary function is that the IP deal with of the anonymizer may be displayed withinside the logs of the receiving area, and now no longer your actual one. All anonymizing web sites have a discipline for the deal with of the very last area. At first, you need to open the anonymizer, input the hyperlink in a unique line and click on at the transition button, to get nameless browsing. This manner you get to the proper webweb page with out displaying him your IP deal with.

Why use anonymizer

1. At logs of the web sites you`ve visited, you`ll see the IP deal with of the. Thus, you could anonymously go to any assets. The primary component is to make all of the transitions via the anonymizer

2. Almost all anonymizer offerings are unfastened. The content material of the webweb page does now no longer require lots effort. In addition, anonymizers have many massive drawbacks, so paid assets are extraordinarily uncommon and aren't popular.

3. A extensive choice of anonymizers, which permits you to pick the maximum appropriate service. There are domain names each withinside the EN area and on the worldwide Internet. In general, they're all similar, however the variations aren't massive.

Disadvantages of anonymizers

Despite all of the blessings, anonymizers do now no longer have an excellent reputation. This is because of numerous factors:

§ low velocity – the postpone is extra than two hundred ms, which is set 10 instances slower than free vpn for iphone ping;

§ more marketing and marketing – commercials from anonymizer can also be shown. In addition, marketing and marketing isn't restricted through the framework and frequently includes 18+ content material;

§ volatile operation – the relationship can randomly disappear and seem. Also, the offerings themselves seem and are deleted daily;

§ there's no protection, as it isn't regarded who receives your facts while connecting via the anonymizer;

§ restrict on use – maximum assets restriction the quantity of downloaded and transmitted facts. Thus, you'll now no longer be capable of down load and add massive files, which include tune or photos. Typically, the restriction is ready to one megabyte. In addition, you'll now no longer have the ability to observe the video withinside the browser, when you consider that maximum offerings do now no longer assist this characteristic because of the heavy load;

§ the incapacity to pick or truly alternate the IP deal with – you need to use what is prepared to offer the service;

§ facts encryption isn't performed, instead, the IP deal with is truly replaced;

§ many anonymizers are blocked through Russian providers.

Anonymous Alternative – VPN
If you're inquisitive about an nameless and steady connection, use a VPN. Such networks conducts your connection via a unique steady server, with out the negative aspects of anonymizing. These key advantages may be highlighted:

§ excessive connection velocity and stability – the digital personal community does now no longer have an effect on the velocity of the transmitted facts, all of it relies upon at the abilties of your provider. Servers paintings stably and reliably, which guarantees snug use;

§ assured protection and anonymity – the digital personal community makes use of encryption for statistics transmitted through the person to the area and back, which permits you to guard facts. Also, logs aren't saved on VPN servers, so your anonymity may be ensured in any situation;

§ choice of IP addresses and countries – VPN offerings have numerous servers in one of a kind countries, which permits you to pick the first-rate option.

Many VPN offerings have a unfastened model. In this case, there's a problem at the transmitted facts or the length of use. However, even the trial model permits you to ship and get hold of gigabytes of traffic. Thus, you could lose not anything to look all of the blessings of VPN over anonymizer