This is the story of Sarah Lazow, Hollywood film producer and financier. From being an outsider to the glamor world to becoming a woman film financier, she has set an example for scores of other women with her indomitable spirit and attitude. She may still have a long way to go when compared with other leading producers in Hollywood, but her journey so far has been momentous and meaningful, and there is every reason to believe that she would continue being the trendsetter with her commendable journey.Sarah has successfully created a respectable niche for herself in the American film and entertainment industry in a short span. 

She was the woman behind the highly popular Hollywood film, 'The Weekend,' which Canadian director Stella Meghie had directed. Sarah Lazow produced this movie through her enterprising film production and finance company, Marada Pictures.The Weekend was all about women. The film's producer, director, and even the story revolved around a woman. Enacted by the very-famous actor Sasheer Zamata, the comedy movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018 before being released in the US for the general public in 2019. The same year, Sarah Lazow - Marada Pictures was the TV series's executive producer, 'V-Wars.' The Netflix original web-series had Ian Somerhalder in the lead role and was made based on Jonathan Maberry's book by the same name.Sarah is a sharp woman and very focused on maintaining originality. She is always looking out for a women-centric storyline and plot. She is also creative and has a knack for inclusive topics showcasing the cause of native Black Americans. Being a pioneering figure in the film fraternity, what is amazing about Sarah Lazow is her never-say-die-attitude and her steel-willed determination to do her best. She deserves all the kudos in life for being instrumental in entering a man's world of film financing.