But, MyLeague does have a problem with 2K22 MT the contracts required by the younger players. This problem develops when a player is just four or five years into the simulation. The young players drafted in 2021 or in 2022 desire the maximum amount even if the player has played only twelve minutes every night. These expectations of salary are absurd. It's tough to make decisions through free agency or the trading market if you are a player is earning an absurd amount of money.

The only way out of the salary cap is to sell the player for pennies on the dollar. This temporary relief isn't long-lasting as it is repeated with young players. Contract values for young players aren't right, and 2K Sports need to address the issue. I am a firm believer of adding additional criteria to the mechanics of expectations in contracts. A player in their early years should expect to be treated well by a team.

A blatant and irritating advertising campaign of products - 2K Sports earn a lot from sponsorship deals with corporations such as Gatorade or Beats. The presence of legitimate firms can enhance your enjoyment to some degree. The advertisements have become extremely uncomfortable over the past couple of years.

NBA 2K20 was a prime instance of how corporate influence diluted the game. The game's appearances which were impossible to miss were advertising spots for these businesses. Gatorade, Beats and Buy MT 2K22 other firms were prominently represented during the entire game. It was a quick process of getting old. I don't mind ads that are passive in the Neighbourhood however I strongly disagree with products being pushed at the user. These cutscenesand spots as well as commercials, should be removed from NBA 2K21.