First, I log in to Runescape each day, and do my share of RuneScape Gold playing in crowds. Generally, I don't like speaking in public, as it can get very annoying espically when training Mining and Firemaking. Due to all the animated and colored text I prefer having a private chat off. However, I have public chat off only for when I'm answering questions, taking part in clan events or conversing with people.

Let's face facts, the most frequently asked question I receive during training is "What skills do you have?" Since I love to chat with my clan members on clan chats, I don’t speak in public. So there I am, training my skills quietly as an ostrich.

After a while of trying to find out my capabilities, they conclude that I am an automated robot since I can't talk. They report me, and then I am sexually assaulted and sometimes really good. However, they don't hinder me from learning new abilities.

I am not being punished for committing a crime. But I do get the impression that there's just too much fear about the whole marcoing issue and Jagex is moving too fast for it to be any good. Everywhere I visit the Jagex website, I see some sort of Anti Marcoing ad, or there's a post on the issue of reporting Bots.

All of this has led to people believe that everyone who doesn't respond to their dumb questions are bots. It is true that macroing is all ways going to Buy OSRS Fire Cape be a problem however, why put all this effort into one problem? There are numerous other issues that also require addressing. For instance, fraud, players who are offensive and many more. Jagex has created a fear that's not needed.