One of the most difficult tasks is to buy second-hand tyres. There are a lot of basic points that you should know before buying second-hand Bridgestone Tyres Awsworth.

You need to inspect them properly in order to ensure a smooth and safe ride and a shelf life that justifies the price. Let us discuss some basic areas which you should focus on before buying second-hand car tyres Awsworth.

Tyre Surface

Before buying a second-hand tyre, the first and the most simple thing you can do by yourself is to join your hand over the sidewall. This is how you can know if there are any irregularities like bumps, cracks, cuts, bulges, etc., on the tyre’s surface.

All the irregularities depict that the tyre has not been taken proper care of. It also shows that it has not been maintained properly. While driving with second-hand tyres, the driver should not ignore all the dangerous and sharp objects present on the road and drive harshly.

They should always try their best to save the tyres from objects like pieces of glass, stones, large potholes, etc., to keep the tyres safe. Tyres with irregularities have high chances of getting punctured and damaged with a small hit.

Tread Depth

Tread depth plays a very important role in ensuring the safety of the tyres. Using a tyre continuously with a low tread depth is dangerous. Even if you take proper care of your tyres and treat them in a good way, the tread of the tyre tends to wear with time.

As much as it comes in contact with the road heat etc., the tread depth starts decreasing. Especially while buying second-hand tyres, you need to ensure that there is sufficient tread depth present in both tyres so that they can last a little longer. You can simply insert a coin vertically in the tyre’s tread depth to check the tread depth.

If the denomination on the coin is partially visible, then your tyres have enough tread depth to run for a few thousand kilometres more. But if it's fully visible, it means that you should not buy those tyres as they do not have sufficient tread depth present.

Tyre Structure

Before buying a second-hand set of tyres, you must ensure that their structure is up to the mark. Proper tyre structure leads to better performance of the tyres. It also helps in keeping the tyres stable, which provides good control over the steering wheel.

Tyres have chords in them, which are meant to provide the tyres with a proper structure. You should not buy the tyres in which you can see the chords poking out of them. It is a sign that such tyres cannot be taken into use further. Misalignment of tyres in proper inflation pressure, hard braking, rash driving, etc., are some of the reasons for exposed chords.


Every tyre gets punctured at least once in its lifetime. Sometimes it is the fault of the driver, but in some cases, innocent mistakes result in the tyre getting punctured. Thankfully, just by looking at the inner side of the tyre, you can make out if the tyre has been punctured many times.

You can check yourself or take the tyre to a mechanic and get it checked from the inner side and look for patches. If you see one or two patches, then the tyres are fine to drive with. If you see many patches on the inner side of the tyre, it means that the tyres have not been handled properly, and they will not be able to handle the air pressure.

Driving with a tyre that has been punctured many times can put you in dangerous situations. Thus, it is advised that you should be mindful of the condition of second hard Tyres Awsworth while going for a purchase.