Butt augmentation has become more popular now than ever before. Due to the introduction of new techniques and modern implants, the procedure is safer and more convenient for the patient. With the advancement in the field of plastic surgery, the procedure has become almost pain-free with a short recovery time. Dr. Parag Telang is an experienced plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable and professional. His dedication to his work and compassion towards his patients make him one of the best plastic surgeons. He provides the best butt augmentation surgery in Mumbai India. He educates his patients about the procedure so that they can know what is going to happen with their bodies.  This develops confidence in them and makes them have realistic expectations with the procedure. The butt augmentation cost in India depends on the type of procedures involved, the experience of the surgeon, and the patient's requirement. International patients from the UK and USA can email or call +91 7506710258 to know more about hip and butt implants procedures. For more details, visit the clinic.

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