Many women will relate to buying fashion accessories online since this is the more convenient option. Our lifestyle has changed and it has affected the way we shop and research products. 

It is easy to get carried away when shopping online since online discounts and sales are more common than those in the local stores. Only buy the products that you intend to buy and do so after confirming the quality. You likely meet certain requirements and expectations when buying a product.

For example, it might be your intention to buy real leather handbags, jackets or shoes. Avoid rushing your purchase just because of a good offer; instead, take the time to ensure it meets your expectations prior to purchasing it. 

Some of the common fashion accessories that one can purchase online include belts, bags, caps, scarves, shoes, wallets, phone cases, ponchos, etc. This article provides essential tips for those who intend to buy a leather handbag from an eCommerce store online.


Tips to buy authentic leather handbags

The key to ensuring you are buying authentic leather handbags is to be aware of what is the difference between real leather and genuine leather? Here are a few tips on how to detect genuine leather handbags:

  • The feel of a genuine leather handbag is different from that of other materials. Touching a leather bag is like feeling a thick surface and it is very different from plastic. On the other hand, a plastic surface feels different and is thinner.
  • The leather handbags tend to have a special smell, one that is quite different from faux leather ones. The faux leather ones will look extremely good and seem perfect. They also tend to go well with your wardrobe; however, they are different from the authentic ones.
  • It is very hard to prick a leather bag with the help of a needle hence this is an effective test.
  • You will never find crooked lines or stitching errors hence in the case where you do find that it is not perfect; return the item or avoid buying it.
  • It is a good practice to compare the price of the handbags prior to buying one. The leather handbags tend to be expensive hence if the price is low, it is likely to be a fake.
  • The genuine leather products are usually a class apart from the others. However, there are several good imitations that are similar to leather. It is easy to get fooled with such products.
  • In the case where you find the surface imperfect, it is highly likely to be  leather. If the surface is like pebbles, graining and simply perfect, it is likely yet one be fake.
  • Real leather products are similar to our skin. Hence if you touch or press it will change colour and wrinkle.
  • Perform the wet test and the burn test on the leather product. Genuine leather products will absorb the water and it will not burn.

Popular items to shop online

People tend to purchase more products online these days and also do not mind spending online. This also includes fashion products:

  • Sneakers
  •  Handbags
  •  Scarfs
  • Ponhose 
  • Capes
  • Hats

It is also equally beneficial to purchase leather products online like a leather handbag. The key to buying this online is to always look for the products with the finest leather. It is also important to be aware of what is classified as a genuine leather product and how to identify the fake. 

It is best to learn about the different types of leather products prior to searching for yours online. It pays to set aside a budget for the genuine leather handbags in Australia  in advance to prevent from ending up spending more.