Egg Donor cost in Ukraine: Ukraine is coming into power with help of IVF (in vitro fertilization) along with it, also providing the EGG DONATION PROGRAM and this is the center of attraction for the whole world. A current study shows that couples are suffering from infertility and the number of these people is continuously increasing. Not only women are infertile even male partners are also infertile. Egg donation is the program that the Ukrainian government is also giving importance to. Clinics in Ukraine, by providing this help to the infertile couple are using a new form of technology and new methods that would be very famous in the future. The donor should be good in physical health and able to produce high-quality eggs. Women who are not able to produce eggs or do not have functioning ovaries can have the help of donating eggs. The women who are not able to bear a child after multiple cycles of IVF can take the help of the donor’s eggs. The egg donation performed with IVF is cheaper and affordable than other developed countries and countries with a high level of technology. 

Egg donor In Ukraine 

The egg donor has to go through several examinations and multiple tests such as:

  • The age of the donor should be between 18 to 30 years ( Ukraine ivf age limit )because it is the age when a woman is at peak of her puberty period and produces the best qualities of eggs. 
  • The donor should be healthy physically and mentally both if she is healthy so the eggs she produces also be healthy.
  • The donor should have a healthy baby of her own to be proof for donating eggs. 
  • The donor must be free from all kinds of genetic, viral, and chronic diseases. 

Not have any kind of addictions, no alcohol, non-smoker, and do not abuse. 

Screening for the donors:

  • Complete blood test: to know about the donor’s internal health. 
  • Antibodies: check-up of antibodies for HIV and syphilis that are presented in the body of the donor so that the same antibodies can pass to the eggs. 
  • Progesterone: what amount of progesterone hormones is present in 
  • Ultrasound Examination: this examination is done to check the condition of the ovaries and the function of the ovaries.
  • X-ray of lungs: to know about the lungs function of the donor and if the symptoms of tuberculosis are present there or not. 
  • ECG: the test is to examine the condition of the heart and the functioning of the heart.

Conditions in which donated eggs are useful:

  • To treat women with a reduced ovarian reserve and with a low AMH level 
  • Women who are facing premature menopause as by age of 35 years defense of eggs they are failed to 
  • If the body of a woman is not responding to the ovarian stimulation and has gone through multiple cycles of IVF but still failed.
  • Damage ovaries or no ovaries due to diseases like cancers or pelvic problems.
  • The patient is facing genetic abnormalities though she is considering having an egg on someone else. 
  • Helpful not only for married couples but also for the single women who want to be single mothers but being independent and able to raise the child.


  • Egg donor facility with IVF is convenient and affordable in Ukraine as the best ivf clinic in Ukraine provides the donor’s eggs at a very cheaper price and along with IVF, it is affordable as compared to the other countries.
  • The doctors provide the basic information about the donor of the eggs such as her background, education, hobbies, occupation, medical history, etc.
  • The egg donor's cost gets paid for donating eggs with around 350 Euros per egg. This would help the donor financially.
  • The expenditure on IVF with egg donors is approximately 30,000 to 34,000 Euros. 
  •  The success rate of getting pregnant is higher in women of age 40 years or more than this. 

Cost of Egg Donor in Ukraine:: In Ukraine, the patient has different advantages like if the patient needs a fertilized egg so the egg donor program also helps in it as the donor also donates the embryos. In this procedure, the success rate eventually rises because the egg is already fertilized with sperm and only needs a uterus for more growth. If a male patient is facing problems with sperm issues such as no count of sperm or less so the clinics in Ukraine also provide the male sperm donors at the cheapest rate. 

At the end of the article, the Egg donor program is famous worldwide for its affordability. Doctors in Ukraine’s clinics recommend the donor's eggs when it is needed as patients are not able to get pregnant and have miscarriages because of a decrease in egg quality.