The outburst of Covid-19, had gradually increased in one year time period, with no hope of life returning to normal, considering the consistent increase of cases on a daily basis. The implication of this deadly virus had led to the death of many people which also resulted in many losing their job and being in a very bad economical situation. However, in August 2021 the government had announced that economical sectors may restart operations.


Manufacturing sectors being one of the biggest economic contributors shall is important to operate, however considering the daily number of cases it is important to incorporate several safety measures to prevent the infection of Covid 19. Factory workers are known to have the largest risk, therefore all Malaysian manpower supply agency must prioritize the safety of the workers regardless, during or off work hours.


Here are some insights on how to lessen the spread of Covid-19 in factories:

  1. According to a news by (NST, 2021), which had reported about the regulations imposed by the government, claiming that all factories and business sectors, should ensure that their employees are vaccinated, in order to for them to return to work upon the announcement on the reoperation of businesses. Therefore, considering factories being a massive gathering location, it is important for employers and general worker recruitment agencies to ensure all workers are vaccinated as a layer of protection.
  2. Despite the push of massive vaccination procedures, there are still numerous individuals that have not been vaccinated yet, due to the eligibility to get vaccinated. Therefore, manpower agencies as the host to these workers must ensure that all workers are safe and urge their clients to conduct a regular swab test on all these workers. To ensure the safety of all workers.
  3. As much as being vaccinated provides the assurance of being safe from infection. It is also important to ensure that their workplace or factories cultivate a safe and SOP friendly environment. By ensuring that all workers are at a safe distance from each other, regularly sanitizes and regularly disinfect the factories.


Finally, cultivating all the above measures contributes to a safe and Covid free environment, or reducing the spread of the virus. Therefore, all businesses shall take this as an important matter. Together cultivating these safety measures helps us regaining normality and reoperate the economic sectors.