Essay writing is the most common assessment instrument used by academic institutions globally. Writing a good essay demonstrates the research and writing capabilities of a student, as well as their ability to manage the word count. However writing a good essay is a skill few can master – it is difficult but certainly not impossible. Below are some tips from studydaddy that if used effectively and consistently can definitely help in improving the quality of your essay.

• Try a different angle: All students in your class would probably be asked to write the same essay as you; hence it is imperative that you think ‘out of the box’ so that your essay stands out amongst the rest. Spend some time in research, think intuitively and be creative. However always remember to be relevant to the subject matter of the essay.

• Don’t plagiarize: Don’t ever do it. Keep a track of your quotations and citations. Most academics these days use software that can easily detect whether you have plagiarized or not. Remember plagiarism can have dire consequences.

• Be organized: Your essay will involve a lot of research and reading. Highlight key points that you may want to use and make notes. Organize your thoughts on paper, this is important since you want to keep track of your essay.

• Follow the correct format: Sometimes a particular format for your essay is requested by the instructors, primarily because they may want to check how closely you follow the guidelines or how organized you are. Remember it is absolutely essential you follow the correct format. Refer to your course guidelines before you begin writing your essay.

• Understand the question; It is vital that you understand the question being asked. Failure to do this will mean that your essay may include a lot of needless material; also you will end up wasting a lot of your energy and time. It may also cost you your grades.

• Proofread: Triple check your essay before submitting. Check for spelling, sentence or grammatical inconsistencies. Avoid losing marks on easily avoidable mistakes.

These are just some of the basic tips that can give you a good start. However these tips can only be useful if you develop the habit of using them consistently . Over time you will realize that you have mastered them. Remember consistency is the difference between an average and a good student. All of the writers at writing services understand the importance of a thesis paper and we take our work very seriously. 

Good luck!