You can ask anyone any questions regarding our wonderful visit. We may not have the answer. We will not divulge anything that would violate the Non Disclosure Agreement and make it difficult for anyone to OSRS gold inquire, we are willing to address any concerns. If you're interested, we will be trying to organize an Vent meeting.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few of the players present. Gertjaars and Lucipher6 both gave me permission for their names to be mentioned in this topic. Both are wonderful men, and I am glad that we got to meet them.

Air Running: Current (details added, as some people are new to Air Running),: World 16. Fast XP Runecrafters have the ability to buy RuneScape gold use something like an air tiara, or an infamous rune essence. Shout something like "Open 1k". (*See NOTE below