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When your goal is to reduce the purchase price, you certainly don't want to take it the wrong way. If you behave too harshly, the dealer may not be willing to make any concessions in your favor. If you are too weak, they may think you are easily persuaded.

When you and the salesperson sit down to show your offer, be firm and polite. Let them know that you have done your homework and that you know how much the car is worth. Don't let them try to change the direction of the conversation; Focus on the problem at hand. Salespeople may try to distract you by discussing finance, insurance, or extra things (such as maintenance plans); This is a trap you should be prepared to avoid.

Take this opportunity to clarify why dealers should accept lower prices. For example, if you see the same car parked in the parking lot for several weeks, remind the salesperson to bargain with you to make room for another car. If your inspection finds some small problems that need to be repaired, be sure to point them out. The goal here is to get dealers to admit any reason that might make them accept your offer.

If the salesperson tells you that the dealer cannot accept anything below the list price, be ready to leave. Two situations will happen: the salesperson will suddenly suggest that you can agree on the price, or they will shake your hand and tell you to come back to him if you change your mind.

If the salesperson chooses the former, he is always ready to make a counter-offer on any proposed price. This counter-offer may not be much lower than the bid price, but it provides an opportunity for further negotiations. At this point, you can raise your own bid slightly, but remember to keep your absolute limit in front of you. This may take a little back and forth, but in the end, you may compromise on a price acceptable to both sides.

Negotiation is an art. Sometimes the salesperson may not want to hear what you say at all. One strategy is to try hard, and then you'll break yourself. This is the real test of your negotiation skills.

Don't be boring if your proposal is rejected outright. Thank the salesperson for his time and say you'll find a car elsewhere. Give them your phone number and tell them to call you if they change their mind to make a deal. Then wait and see what happens.

It is possible that within a day or two, the dealer will call you and tell you that they have reconsidered your offer. If not, it is a sign that it can move to the next used car market and restart the negotiation process. This may be time-consuming and tedious, but at the end of the day, if your negotiation efforts make you buy the right car at the right price, you will thank yourself.