What makes an extraordinary college application essay? Many of the top paper writer of admissions essays will tell you that the most important part of the essay is the opening paragraph, and I have a little advice to give you there. But before we begin let's talk about how to write an exceptional essay, because what makes an extraordinary essay is really a matter of opinion, and one person's opinion may be different than another person's opinion.

The opening paragraph of your essay is the most important part of the entire essay, but not just any opening paragraph. That is why there are different kinds of opening paragraphs. An extraordinary essay begins with an extraordinary sentence. And an extraordinary sentence may come from anywhere. You could find a great sentence in a magazine article, or you might come up with it on your own. Whatever it is, the first sentence in your essay must do something extraordinary in order to set the tone of the rest of your essay.

Now, I don't want to give away the mystery of the amazing essay, but I need to tell you that your college application essay is going to be very different than any other essay you've ever written. Your college application essay will have a lot of personal content. You'll be giving a short background of yourself, your family, or your past. You'll write an essay about a key event in your life. You'll describe how the change has affected you. Each of these things is a story, and you'll be telling them in your essay.

In addition, you'll be writing about some current event that you've noticed. What makes an extraordinary college application essay? Well, what makes an extraordinary college application essay is that you start your college application essay with a personal story. You give a short story of how the change in your life has affected you. This story gives your reader a sense of who you are, and it also sets up a perfect opportunity to introduce your personal qualities.

But it's not enough to write about how you've changed since your high school days. An extraordinary college application essay always has a strong conclusion. You need to take the reader onto a journey after your introduction. You need to wrap up the personal story and then give your reader reason to care about you.

This comes in two forms. You can have an emotional opening with a powerful personal story and then move on to a college application essay that uses logic to justify your position in life. Or, you can have a more technical opening that explains why you feel your particular skills are exceptional. The real difference between the two is what makes an extraordinary college application essay. A more technical essay will likely involve a bit more research and more proof and may require more tedious proofreading.

But regardless of the type of college application essay you write, the most important thing that makes an extraordinary college essay is that you cared enough about your own personal story to spend the time and effort to write it out. The more you write out of your own experience, the more appealing it will be to the admissions office. If you've honestly shown that you have a genuine interest in a particular field, the admissions board will see you as a well-rounded student who has a true desire to learn. And that's the best way to get into their college of choice.

So for all the rest of us who want to go to a prestigious university but don't necessarily have the money, we still have work to do. But now we can make use of the tools that were once available only to those with the means. What makes an extraordinary college application essay? It's your story. Make it good.