We all know what toy trucks are. Since time immemorial, they are always at the top of toddler toy lists. They are probably one of the most popular toys for young children and this has been the case for generations. This is why we can see newer designs and newer materials used in them. If you want to buy one for your child, you can choose from plastic, metal, and wooden toy trucks. At first, it's easy to ignore wood as a material. Blame it on modern times when metal and plastic are a popular choice. But when it comes to these toys, many experts would tell you that wood is the best option. If you are not surprised, then you have experienced the benefits of wooden toys first hand. But if you are scratching your head right now, it is a good idea to read on so that you can learn about the benefits of wooden toy trucks compared to other materials. Safety Safety is a growing concern in toys, especially with all the toy recalls that are happening right now. What is the common denominator of the recalled toys? Many of them are made of plastic. It's easy to see why, because plastic is not a natural material. On the other hand, wood is very natural and can remain the same in the hands of trusted manufacturers. And the metal? Metal can be very hard, too hard in fact. Metal toys that accidentally hit your child is not good news. On the other hand, wooden toy trucks are more kid-friendly compared to their metal counterparts, as wood is porous. Metals also tend to have rough and sharp edges. On the other hand, manufacturers can easily soften wood and this results in safer toys. Durability Plastic is not usually a durable material. It can be easily melted, bent or dented. There is no doubt that metal is the most durable of the three. However, you must be aware of security concerns. Are you really going to sacrifice the safety of your children for their durability? On the other hand, wood is very durable. In fact, it is very easy to see heirloom toys made of wood. You can be sure that the wooden toy trucks will last a long time because they are made of durable material. As a bonus, they also use the safest material available. Great designs The designs would depend on the capacity of the material to be molded. While it's easy to assume that plastic is the easiest material to mold, you need to keep safety and durability concerns in mind. The same applies to metals. You can check out the available wooden toy trucks and you will see that they offer great designs too Click for more :- https://www.dorebu.com/en-gb/wooden-toy