When it comes to home decor, carpets have become a must-have item. Naturally, you must take proper care of your carpet, just like you would any other perishable item, in order to maintain its good health and durability. You can accomplish this by cleaning it up yourself, but even after a thorough cleaning, certain persistent stains and spills will remain. In such instances, you'll have to perform a little more cleaning. If you follow the information shown here, you can properly steam clean your carpet.

Do you have no idea what to anticipate when you get your carpets cleaned for the first time? Have you ever had your carpets cleaned previously and been dissatisfied with the results? This article may be of interest to you.

The 10 Most Important Carpet Cleaning Facts

FACT No 1:

 Before beginning the job, all carpet cleaners should perform a pre-vacuum. This is because when dry soils (dust and dirt) come into contact with moisture during the washing process, they transform into mud. Because mud is heavier than dry dirt and more difficult to remove, a thorough pre-vacuum will yield the greatest results.

FACT No 2:

The majority of stains should be eliminated throughout the carpet steam cleaning procedure. Some stains including tannins, dyes, acids, or caustics may not be removed by standard cleaning methods and may require specialized stain removal treatment. Unfortunately, no matter what chemicals or cleaning methods are employed, certain stains cannot be removed from carpet.

FACT No 3:

An acidic conditioning rinse should be used during the cleaning process. This is because almost all cleaning chemicals are alkaline in nature, and an acid counteracts this.

FACT No 4:

All carpet cleaning services are not created equal. The effectiveness of a carpet cleaning service is determined by the technician's competence, the amount of time it takes, and the chemicals and equipment utilized.

FACT No 5:

The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated. Look for companies that have been accredited by the IICRC (International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the industry's leading training and certifying authority.

FACT No 6:

When washing a wool carpet, the 'wet-dog' scent is generated by an off gas produced by the natural Sulphur in wool when it is wet. This is normal and goes away when the carpet dries.

FACT No 7:

The stain protection given to carpets by the manufacturer or your carpet cleaner is not removed by carpet washing. The main reason stain prevention coatings fail is due to wear and strain. To preserve stain protection, it is occasionally advisable to apply a carpet protector such as e-Gard to the traffic areas of your carpet before your stain protector approaches the end of its guarantee term.

FACT No 8:

After cleaning, groom your carpets to ensure that they dry fast and the pile stays in the same direction (not falling to the side).

FACT No 9:

Carpet cleaners are required by law to provide a warranty on their work. If you are dissatisfied with the carpet cleaning service, contact the carpet cleaning business like Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, and they should offer to come back and re-clean the carpet for free. If the carpet cleaner does not return to re-clean your carpet, contact your state's Office of Fair Trading.

FACT No 10:

Carpets that are cleaned on a regular basis survive longer and look better than carpets that are only cleaned occasionally. Cleaning removes abrasive soils from your carpet pile, which wear away at the carpet fibers as you walk on it.