Today, we'll go over five advantages of mastering P6. Primavera software is one of the most well-known project management systems on the market. For the construction, energy, IT, and manufacturing industries, it is the industry standard PPM software. Explore more about the respective software with the help of Primavera-P6 Training in Noida. The training will lead you from the basic to advance level.

Advantages of learning Primavera P6

Using P6 without any prior instruction might be challenging at best. Many seasoned experts are still unaware of its full potential. Unless you have any formal training to assist you speed up the process, learning this software package can take years! Here are five reasons why you should take a Primavera P6 project management course.

1. Learn how to handle projects effectively

Oracle University has devised and established a training approach for basic and advanced project management to assist users in learning Primavera P6 EPPM efficiently. The standard training course approach guides you through the process of setting up a project in P6 Enterprise PPM software from start to finish.

2. Certified teachers teach the class

Oracle certified trainers have undergone extensive training in order to properly teach P6 in a small group environment. By enrolling in a class taught by a professional trainer, you can be certain of receiving the greatest instruction in project management techniques utilizing P6.

3. Oracle University will provide you with a training handbook and a certificate of completion

There should be no class taken without a textbook. All of the content that will be covered in the course is covered in the Oracle University training handbook. It's vital to have a textbook on hand to reinforce what you've learnt in class. It's also handy to have when you're working on a project and forget how to accomplish one of the stages you've learnt.

4. Extensive hands-on workshop to apply what's been taught

The importance of hands-on learning in the whole learning process cannot be overstated. Attendees will be able to utilize the software and perform activities from the training manual under the supervision and guidance of a trained trainer in a Primavera Online training class. Participants will be given a set of instructions and data to enter into the program during these activities. These exercises are based on real-world experiences and reflect typical project settings.

5. Maintain your PMP certification by earning PDUs.

To keep their PMP certification, users can take training courses and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). A participant earns 6.5 PDUs for each day of classroom training. A person must complete 60 PDUs in a three-year cycle to keep their PMP certificate.


In a nutshell, enrolling in Primavera-P6 Training Institute in Gurgaon is a good decision. In reality, a deeper grasp of the software and how to use it for your project management goals may save you a lot of time and money.