Facebook marketplace is a very well-known platform for personal car buyers, sellers, as well as dealers.

Amazon has been progressive in the collection, storing, as well as analyzing a huge amount of data including product information, customer data, retailers’ data, or even general market trend data. As Amazon is amongst the biggest e-commerce sites, many firms and analysts rely on the scraped data from there to get actionable insights.

The booming e-commerce industry requires sophisticated analytical methods to forecast market trends, learn customer temperament, or get a viable edge over the leading players in the sector. To enhance the analytical strength, you require high-quality and reliable data.

The data is known as alternative data as well as could be taken from different sources. Amongst the key alternative data sources in the e-commerce industry include product information, customer reviews, and geographical data. All the e-commerce sites are a wonderful source for the data elements.

We all know that Amazon is the front-runner in the e-commerce business. Retailers fight very hard to extract data from Amazon. Although, Amazon data scraping is a very hard thing to do! Let’s discuss the key challenges that make Amazon data scraping a tedious job.

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