If you like to focus on damage, Warlock is the best choice in TBC Classic. If you want to become more powerful, you can Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOSO. This class has three unique specializations, but the most powerful is destruction because these talents provide more damage than Affliction and Demonology.

Let's check out everything you must know to learn Destruction Warlock in TBC Classic.
1. Destruction Warlock PvE talent creation
The construction of Destruction Warlock is very easy, you wish to get every one of the related damage increase talents from Destruction, and after that enter the demonology tree to obtain the huge damage increase in the Demonic Sacrifice.

2. Gameplay and rotation
The rotation of Destruction Warlocks is simple, you simply have a few spells to make use of, and you also usually utilize the same two buttons continuously. You need to do the subsequent:

Use Fel Armor
Use Demonic Sacrifice in your succubus or imp
Cast the curse (if you are the only warlock, cast elemental curse)
Maintain Immolate
Cast Shadow Bolt or Incinerate

3. Statistics Priority
Spell hit (Up to 16% )
Spell haste
Spell damage
Spell crit

4. Gems, Enchantments, and Consumables
As a gem of destruction warlock, it truly is a bit completely different from other professions. There are some nuances here because sorcerers have high spell hit requirements, but unlike most classes, they do not have the talent to enhance attributes. This means that unless your equipment carries a large number of hits, you need to give attention to hitting gems. Once you fulfill the hit requirements, it is possible to move to spell power gems.

Enchantments are simpler than gems. They are a lot more restricted, so most of the time you prefer to focus on pure damage and spell power. 

Consumables provide temporary stat upgrades for one's character, which are essential for gaining additional upgrades in dungeons and raids. The following is a listing of key consumables essential to Destruction Warlock:

Flask: Flask of Pure Power
Potion: Destruction potion or super mana potion
Mana Oil: Oil in the Brilliant Wizard
Food: Poached Bluefish or Blackened Basilisk
Other: Dark Rune or Demon Rune

5. Best Destruction Warlock Profession
Warlocks have two outstanding professions, tailoring and enchanting. The tailor provides usage of some of the best components of the early game: the Spellstrike set, and also the Shadow's Embrace and Spellfire sets.

At the same time, enchanting provides a reliable attribute boost, because doing so allows you to gain 24 extra spell power through unique ring enchantments. Choosing TBC Classic Gold Buy is most new player's fast way. These two professions are not close to other professions, but in general, tailoring is very important. Although enchanting has a little bonus, it is still better than other professions.