A company may maintain records either in physical form or through a software. Let’s say a Company like DMART or any other multi-chain store maintain its sales records through a system which is used at the cash counter. The software prepares bills for each customer and the data is saved in some tables within the software. If accounting is to be done for such cumbersome sales data, it would be a tedious task. What if the accounting is done automatically into tally through a mediatory software! It would save a lot of time and the cumulative accounting data would become available within a day or two.

That’s where the software of Quick2tally helps!

Excel to tally Import Utility:

  • An organisation may incur many recurring expenses such as salary to workmen and staff on monthly basis, electricity payments for various units, bank statement entries, recurring cash sales, etc.

  • Data may be maintained in some software of directly in excel. If data is maintained in a software, the same can be exported into MS excel. However, it is difficult to maintain control on the accounts which are maintained in excel.

  • Hence, the Quick2tally offers an excel to tally import utility which helps to transfer the data from excel to tally within few clicks.

  • The very first sheet of the import utility allows linking the software with tally:


  • As a first step, you should connect the tally company wherein you want the accounting to be done.

  • Further the utility allows creation of various ledgers in few clicks through its sheet “Ledger”:


  • The import utility has further facilities to import cost centres, purchases, sales, etc.

  • The import utility also offers a trial period of one month during which you can try using the software and get used to it.

Importing Sales data from Excel to Tally:

  • Al sales data maintained in excel can be imported into tally with few clicks. Organisations may or may not maintain inventory records. For example, an organisation may enter just the sales figures in the system without specifying the item or part code number of the inventory sold. Such method is called “without inventory” sales.

  • Importing Sales data from Excel to Tally: You just have to click the button “without inventory” in the sheet “PURCHASES_SALES”:


  • Once you click the button “without inventory”, it turns into the following window:


  • This way the taxable value area is now editable. Here, you can mention the invoice number, invoice date, party name, place of supply, sales value in appropriate column of tax. In case you enter new ledger name, a notification will pop up automatically to transfer the new party name to ledger creation tab automatically:


  • Since we have selected the place of supply as “Arunachal Pradesh”, the IGST column will automatically take the figures:


  • You can specify narration and reference number for your internal records.

  • Once you are done with specifying the data, you can just click the button “Export to Tally”. You can observe the sales register.

  • If the Company maintain inventory records, then it should click the button “Inventory Mode”:


  • The screen will look like this after you click the button:


  • In this case, all details are to be mentioned in the sheet “Stock”. The invoice number is connecting link between the sheets “Stock” and “Purchases_sales”:


  • You just have to mention the details here and click the button “Validate Sheet”. This will transfer the summarised value to the sheet “Purchases_Sales”. Now, in this sheet you can click on export to tally to transfer entries to tally.

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