Two individuals who remain in a committed relationship with one another without getting married may have children. This is not an uncommon occurrence. However, it does complicate things when the couple decides to split since there are children involved. Unlike normal relationships, the individuals cannot just walk away from one another and be done. Because the couple has children, they must determine who will get custody of the children. Many couples come to an amicable decision about custody and visitation. Some couples, though, cannot come to terms with one another. The legal precedent will award child custody to the child's mother by default, but the father may have options to win his child's custody. An unmarried father wishing to win custody of his child will have to take his ex-partner to court. The ensuing legal battle will determine final custody. The legal proceedings for unmarried couples are much like those for married couples who cannot agree on custody terms. For the father to win custody, he will need to prove that he will give a better standard of living for the child. This does not necessarily mean that a father who makes more money than the mother will automatically win custody. Standard of living includes taking care of the child and providing the necessary legal and physical custody that the child needs. If a father can prove his case, he may be awarded custody of his child. After custody has been determined, the ruling judge may also rule on whether or not the other parent has to pay child support. To win your child custody dispute, consult an experienced child custody attorney at the earliest. If you need a reputable & experienced custody lawyer who truly understands the burden, challenges, & what it demands to fight for your rights & privileges in child custody disputes. Look no further than the legal office of Mr. Eric Nakasu, the foremost Irvine Child Custody Attorney. Contact Mr. Nakasu at 1~(714)-916~9800 for a free initial discussion.