Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds several new characters to the old version. At the same time, it also returns to some old favorites that were completely missing in the past games. This is a surprise for players. Players can get along with their beloved animals more closely. Because the most popular animal villagers are displayed based on player voting data. So the most popular animal villagers will be more than one. In order to spend quality time using their beloved animals, players can even choose to go to Buy ACNH NMT over the internet. Nintendo game developers will actively collect player psychological data to appropriately increase various types of residents in towns.

If you are a loyal player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will find that New Horizons provides players with one of the most animal villagers to date, so players are very happy when recruiting their favorite animals. Rosie is also one of the most popular animal crossing villagers. She is often a cat, and most cat villagers are very cute. She appeared in every game, blending a lively personality. Even an important character with a large number of screens in the Animal Crossing anime Dōbutsu no Mori. Her popularity stems from being a long-term character, cute, and a friendly personality. For some older fans, having her around can be a good nostalgic nod to the old game.

When players are busy checking the latest summer updates and improving their island paradise, they can open their eyes to find the best villagers to improve their island construction. Of course, cute animals may usually be the most sought after, which makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more and more sought after by players. For example, Cookie dog is the cutest dog villager. Biscuit Dog has sparkling eyes and pink fur. The funny thing is that her name may be derived from the idea that dog treats are biscuits. Because the New Horizons is fun, players will also choose to buy ACNH Items from Although most lovely villagers have normal personalities. But Cookie is very lively, and his personality is also very friendly and easily excited.

Every animal villager in Animal Crossing is very cute. As long as the animal villagers appear, they will be warmly welcomed by the villagers in every town. Merengue is a very imaginative design. She can be a rhino with pink skin. The head can be cream, and any corner can be strawberry. This dress reminds us of delicious desserts. Essentially, Merengue is both a rhino and strawberry shortcake, which is adorable. Her default outfit will be Chef's Outfit, which is very suitable for children's food themes. Like Tia, her unique design has made her deeply loved by fan artists, and then there is some amazing fan art in this villager.