The Innkeeper should be OSRS Gold given 8 glasses of Asgardian Ale. Innkeeper says, "All right, let me fill it up." The pumps are filled by the Innkeeper. Innkeeper (OK): The wall back here is now all down. We'll need around 25 Planks to repair the walls, as well as about 50 nails to keep up the wall.

It is possible to connect the nails, planks, saw, and hammer to the wall by having the nails, planks as well as saws and hammers in your inventory. Innkeeper, this wall appears much better. I'm in need of an apron for my kitchen that is new. I will need a white apron and some glass molten. You can bring all of this to the bank in northeast. Go back to the Innkeeper, and hand over your belongings.

The area is nearly completed The only thing missing are the walls that guard the Myreque's base. I'll require five planks and 25 nails of steel to accomplish that. The Innkeeper should be given the items that he requested. Innkeeper (OK, OK, fine): Take this. Innkeeper offers you 500gp. Innkeeper, speak with the banker.

To continue the journey, go to the bank. We're glad to have you, (Playername). Your work around here has made the town more enjoyable. This dreary, old broken glass is making me sad. So, I'm here for the reconstruction of the town. What are you looking for to do it? Well, I need 2 Pieces of Molten Glass to fix this. The next step is to attach the booth to the glass with 25 nails and two planks.

Take his possessions to the banker. Excellent. This bank is flourishing. This bank could use some assistance. I'm going to buy oldschool runescape account buy eight more planks and 50 nails to fix up these walls. Bring the other things you have to the banker. This place is much better! You must create a candle lantern and ignite it using a single candle.