To commemorate this event, Psyonix has found out its plans for the next season of Rocket League. It's set to Buy Rocket League Credits launch the same day that the exchange to free-to-play occurs and will deliver all sorts of new beauty goodies.

Despite the game presently being on its 14th season, the newest season will be known as Season 1. It's being seen as a fresh begin for the ball-bumping identify to go along with its new domestic on the Epic Games Store and unfastened charge tag.

There'll a new Rocket Pass to finish in conjunction with rewards for taking part in tournaments and the aggressive season. By going thru the skip you will unlock the Harbinger automobile along with other goofy bonuses like a lunchbox to stick on top of your car or decorative wheels that appear like sliced kiwis. As with maximum video games that have a pass system, there is a unfastened tier and a top class tier that charges around $10.