The importance of pretreatment of surfaces prior to coating cannot be overstated. Failure to maintain proper cleanliness prior to powder coating can result in poor finishing and, much worse, rapid surface damage, resulting in expensive repairs. One of the most critical aspects to get right is the best cost-benefit ratio.

Items are all too easily overspecified, resulting in high and uncompetitive production costs. Although, more often than not, this results in unforeseen consequences due to underspecification. There are several pretreatment processes prior to powder coating, but the following three are those mainly used - each with its own merits:

  • This can vary from a straightforward wipe with a rag soaked in a degreasing liquid to quite complicated ultrasonic vapor cleaning. The contaminated surface will be clean and will dry fairly quickly to be ready for painting almost immediately, depending upon the solvent's evaporation rate. This process is a mixed benefit as the environmental factors can be a problem if not rightly administered. It is, however, the system to fancy if expense and simplicity are essential considerations.
  • Phosphate conversion coatings. This both cleans and etches the material, providing a crystalline surface. There are two basic types: zinc and iron, both offering excellent durability, with the zinc phosphate coming out better for performance and the iron better for its more sympathetic environmental factors. This feature makes this system best for the balance between performance and cost.
  • This is a vague word that most people equate with silver finish in the fences and gates, but it also protects all metallic surfaces, usually to prevent corrosion. The galvanized coating is based on zinc more often than not. Because this is viewed as a finish by itself, more coating may be problematic if not properly handled; this approach is the chosen solution where efficiency is the primary concern.

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